Greenfields Petroleum

Bahar Energy Operating Company (BEOC)

The Bahar Project is operated by BEOC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BEL, under the terms of a Joint Operating Agreement (“JOA”).  BEOC is also the designated agent on behalf of the Contractor Parties for the marketing and collection of proceeds from oil and gas sales under the terms of a Joint Lifting Agreement (“JLA”) between BEOC, SOCAR, the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (‘SOFAZ”) and the Contractor Parties.

BEOC is headquartered in the Gum Island, a sand island lying approximately 2.5 kilometres offshore and connected to the mainland by a stone and paved causeway.  The Gum Island houses the main operating offices, warehousing, equipment storage and a marine base for offshore operations.  The main fluid and gas handling facilities including oil and gas storage, separation, compression and metering stations are all located onshore and are therefore not subject to the offshore operating environment.

BEOC currently employs over 800 people to carry out petroleum operations in the Bahar Project.


BEOC Management

John W. Harkins - President and Chief Executive OfficerJohn Harkins


Dale McFadden

Vice-President Operations

Elshad Hasanov

Vice-President Administrative Issues

Nuslet Safarov

Head of Health, Safety and Environmental Division

Zaur Najafzadeh

Construction Manager

Ahmadiyya Musayev

General Counsel/HR Manager

Rasul Gafarov

Finance Manager/Chief Accountant

Eldar Eyyubov

Head of Information Technologies Division



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